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6 Easy Ways to Improve Productivity as a  Wedding Photographer

6 Easy Ways to Improve Productivity as a Wedding Photographer

Nov 23, 2022

As a wedding photographer we know how important it is to stay productive. Especially when the wedding season is round the corner, managing your workflow can seem daunting. Right from meeting clients, booking orders, going for the shoot, handling social media posts and what not the list is endless.

Being a wedding photographer often it would be tiring and unproductive sometimes while handling a lot of stuff at the same time. But what if we say that you can actually improve productivity and you could actually be able to manage more tasks and complete them on time?

Read more to know the 6 easy ways to improve productivity for wedding photographers.

Focus on What’s Important

First things first, Prioritize your goals and act accordingly. Assign yourself and your team a SMART goal. Smart goals are nothing but a set of short term targets that must be achieved within a stipulated time. 

Setting clear short-term goals and developing a plan for achieving them can be the single best way to increase your productivity. That's because when you define your goals, you get the internal motivation to focus on your work.

Secondly, use google Calendar to schedule important dates of wedding shoots of your clients and set reminders for each event. In this way, you will always stay updated and be prepared before the final shoot day.

Have the habit of saying NO to your clients to avoid any last minute hustle. If your schedule is already going busy, it's better not to accept any new client order. It is always better to believe in quality work than to perform below average in every order. 

Streamline your Social Media activity

Create a proper content calendar in advance to ensure your social media activity is not hampered due to your busy schedule. Look for photos & videos to share on social media that get maximum engagement and are appraised for your work.

-Some social media post ideas

-Share photos of your recently completed project

-Give a glimpse into some behind the scenes of your on-going project

-Satisfied Customer Testimonial

-Share some photography tips & tricks 

-Quick Album Designing Hacks

Planning and scheduling all your content for the week or month at once can ensure your social media is consistent and efficient.

You can always use Facebook’s Meta Business Suite to schedule all your image & video posts. And the great thing about this is that under one platform you can schedule it for Instagram as well.

List down your photography shots before the Wedding Day

For this you can always look at your captured pre-wedding photos. These photos will help you to decide on the angles, positions and poses that you can opt for on the wedding day. This gives you an idea about the different photography styles and can be listed down in advance to save extra time and act more on the actual wedding day.

Write Efficiently

For most of the wedding photographers writing is not their cup of tea but believe it or not blogging does really help. Blogs on your website help you to showcase your expertise in the industry and what's better than you being hired for the skills you are actually a master in.

What to write can be a big question for you but you can simply start by writing about your recent wedding photoshoot experience, give out some photography tips & tricks, best photography equipment to use, etc. 

Write down some blog topic ideas and create a writing workflow. Once you get a hold of the flow it will be easier for you to write articles. For any spelling and grammar mistakes always take the help of some online tools such as Grammarly and Hemmingway App.

Use Smart Album Designing Software

Simplify your album designing process by using an auto-album designing software. To be more productive it is essential to adopt some modern technology in your photography business. We recommend using Dgflick's Album Xpress software. Album Xpress software is the number one choice of any photographer who always wants to create the best wedding album designs for their best customers.

It is also known to be called as ‘Auto-Album designing’ software due to its advanced time-saving features and amazing ready template collection making it a go-to software for wedding album designing.

Effectively Utilize your Off Wedding Season period

We know throughout the wedding season you must be busy with your clients photography and completing album designing orders. But what about the non-wedding season? Make the most of your non wedding season by considering some of the ideas.

-Take up Engagement Photoshoot projects

-Network more with other photographers and also with vendors like event managers and food caterers

-Expand your knowledge by enrolling yourself into photography courses or attend webinars

-Practice more with new photography styles and trends

-Share your expertise by giving lessons to new photographers.

All these ideas mentioned above can be really helpful for you to define a new way to earn an extra income source and also work upon yourself while being productive at the same time. 


These are the 6 ways that can help you build healthy working habits and be more productive.

Though this might seem contradictory, taking some time off is also essential. In the long run, a tired and overworked photographer isn’t the most productive. Structure your work schedule in such a way that you can take out some leisure time to help rejuvenate your body & mind. So work smarter and build a successful professional wedding photography business by being more advanced & efficient

Benefits of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Wedding Photographers

Benefits of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Wedding Photographers

Jul 18, 2022

Indian Weddings are those times where traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and emotions all run together at the same time. Amidst this hullabaloo, the feeling of 'being married' often gets difficult for the couple to sink in. This is the reason why many couples are opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is nothing but a short photo session with a pre-booked wedding photographer to capture the couple's celebration of their new beginnings. It is usually done approximately three to four months prior to the official wedding date.

Earlier, pre-wedding photoshoots were a rare luxury event but nowadays many modern couples are realizing the importance of capturing their precious moments way before they get hitched for life. A pre-wedding photoshoot has somewhat become an essential to-do list for many couples before their wedding day.

Being a wedding photographer if you are still in doubt about whether you should take up pre-wedding photography then the below key benefits will encourage you to take one up and you could add a new service to your photography business.

Helps to Build Rapport

No wonder how difficult it would be for you to direct the couple to give a particular pose. As you must be meeting them for the first time on their wedding day. To avoid such awkwardness a pre-wedding photoshoot can be a great option to build the much needed communication and rapport with the to be wed couples. Pre-wedding photography gives you the time & energy to know more about the couple and even their extended family as well.

Guides on which Photography Style will Suit the Best

Once you see the pre-wedding photos, you can decide on the angles, positions, and poses that seems the best for the couple. This gives you an idea about the different styles of photography you can go for on the wedding day. Be it candid, portrait, magazine, or something else.

Pre-wedding shoot will help you to save your time and act more on the actual wedding day in capturing the best shots. Today's wedding photographers focus more on capturing the intricate details of wedding rituals and other processions.

Get Additional Photos to Add it to the Wedding Album

A pre-wedding photoshoot is often done either to take good pictures of togetherness or to show it to the world the love story of the couple. Such kind of photoshoot allows both partners to get to know each other without the hassles of heavy wedding attires, makeup, jewelleries and can be the way they are.

Pre-wedding photography allows you to take some candid natural moments, expressions, and real emotions without the disturbance of annoying guest and their umpteen number of selfies. Such pictures you can add it to your wedding album design to make it more vibrant and give a new twist to it.

Impress your Customers more with Special Gifts

Pre-wedding photoshoots provide you with a number of stunning images in different styles. This can be a great way for you as a wedding photographer to do more for your customers.

You can impress your customers by gifting them a photo collage made up of these images which can be used as a wall decor and a memory for them to cherish for a lifetime. A photobook or a congratulatory greeting card with a personalized message will make your customer happy and would remember your sweet gesture and excellent services.

You can even gift them a separate pre-wedding album consisting of their lovable moments to cherish those memories for a lifetime. Make your pre-wedding album very innovative and unique using only the Album Xpress software. With Album Xpress you can design a pre-wedding album page in just 2 minutes and that's not all your entire album gets ready quickly with its auto album design feature.

Have a look at the video below

So these were the benefits that are enough to encourage you to take up pre-wedding photography. Apart from all the benefits a Pre-wedding photoshoot also allows you to explore more with your creativity and unleash new skills which you can add to your services to grow your photography business.

7 Useful Tips to Book More Wedding Photography Clients

7 Useful Tips to Book More Wedding Photography Clients

Jun 14, 2022

No doubt to say that Wedding photography is a very interesting job that comes with exciting challenges letting you explore new skills and develop your overall profile. However, success in wedding photography comes with its own share of challenges. Looking at the number of wedding photographers in the market standing out from the crowd can be a difficult task.

Regular customers, an updated portfolio website, and new ideas play important roles in a wedding photographer’s success. Out of all the challenges, the most important one is getting new customers on a regular basis.

Moreover, a systematic and professional approach is what you need to bring in customers from different diversity and to sustain the growth. Here are some of the most effective and easy ways to let more customers come to you.

Define Your Own Style of Work

Before starting your wedding photography business it is much important to understand your style of working first. Ask yourself certain questions first - are you interested in destination wedding photography or do you want to become a pre-wedding photographer? Or are you looking forward to becoming a candid wedding photographer?

Whatever the style you choose to work in, you should know about it in prior and then you must take the efforts to find out the most desired clients. In fact, in this way, you would be able to filter out your clients, and accordingly, you can develop a unique style for yourself for which you will be known in the wedding photography industry.

Create Your Digital Presence

In this digital age, it is very important that you make your business easily reachable. Nowadays in this mobile era, people get everything they need at the tip of their fingers. So if you are not visible online, your prospective clients might turn up to your competitors. Therefore it is always suggested that you must keep your wedding photography business open 24/7 through your online portfolio website, social media platforms, etc.

With regular updates about your business, posting your best photo captures online, people will start noticing and acknowledging your work. And you never know which channel may lead you to a new client coming your way. So having a digital presence always help you to sustain and maintain a professional image in the market.

Stay Connected with your Old Customers

Always keep in touch with your old clients. Share with them about your new project accomplishments, and any new offer or discount you are currently running. It will make them return to you for any special events. The wedding photography industry to a greater extent is sustained on the 'Word of mouth' basis.

So existing customers can act as advocates and may recommend you for a wedding photoshoot of their friends and extended family members. Reaching out to old customers is always helpful as they are well versed with your style of work.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

This can be a brilliant idea when you are starting with your wedding photography business. Try reaching out to local wedding-related brands in your area like party halls, jewelry shops, photo printing companies, wedding planners, etc. They can literally help you in finding out your ideal client. Once they get a booking they will notify you. Then you can reach the clients and distribute brochures explaining about your wedding photography business.

In fact, many wedding planners have a tie-up with certain service providers like decorators, caterers even photographers as well. Here you can apply as a wedding photographer and when they receive any booking you will get the opportunity to serve as a photographer for the event.

Use Professional Photography Equipment and Gears

For a photographer, their camera acts like a paint brush with which they paint a beautiful picture with the flick of a button. Hence it becomes very important for any type of photographer to invest a good amount of money in buying a high-quality camera and other related equipments.

A good quality camera will not only help you capture some top-notch pictures but also help you bring life into the pictures perfectly connecting human emotions. That's what makes a customer come to you with more photography bookings as you are able to connect with them on a human level. And other supportive equipments such as drone, tripod, light stand, lenses will enhance your overall photographic experience and justify your final output.

Invest in an Album Designing Software

Today it is the need of the hour for every wedding photographer to be updated with the latest technology and trends currently going on in the photography industry. To stay always at the top of every customer's choice you need to provide those customers with some delightful post-photoshoot services.  Nowadays wedding photographers design wedding albums too. For this, you need to invest in a smart album designing software like Album Xpress.

Album Xpress is one of the best album designing software for a wedding photographer. It comes with some automated tools that helps you to easily create a photo album in just simple steps. Such auto album designing software not only helps you design albums faster but also helps you to make more timely album deliveries to your customers.

Offer Discounts or create a Referral programs

Indians are especially discount hunters they are often on the lookout for any benefits and discounted rates whenever they want to buy anything. And as you know that wedding photography means a costly affair. So the clients always look forward to such photographers who offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. Hence you can provide your services at some discount rates or start some referral programs.

Ask your customers to refer you to their friends and families and offer them a discount. It will encourage your old clients to come back to you as well as it brings new clients.

So these are the 7 effective ways to gain more wedding photography clients. Whether you are in your starting phase of your wedding photography business or already running it successfully these proven methods will surely help you book more clients during the wedding season. Moreover, a proper photography business marketing plan at its place will gradually let you create a space in the customer's minds and their choices.



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