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A Pack of Dgflick’s 4 most popular software Album Xpress Edit Xpress DM Xpress Video Xpress 1 Year Subscription Album Xpress Templates 5 eAlbum Coupons
Studio Software:- Passport Xpress, Photo Xpress, Edit Xpress Event Software:- Event Xpress, Photobooth Xpress, Selfie Xpress Personalized Gifting Software:- Book Xpress, Calendar Xpress, Collage Xpress, Greeting Xpress, Gift Xpress
Simple, Flexible & Powerful ID Card Software Ever 150+ ready designs Inbuilt icard designer Excel Data Import 10+ Types of Bar codes Flexible QR Code Advance Photo Editing & Correction Package Printing Complete Functional Trial

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The power of endless creativity Wedding album designs in minutes with the help of ready template designs, thousands of layout combinations, inbuilt designing material like backgrounds, cliparts, ready titles, text
eAlbum is the way to view and share wedding albums in mobile era. Album Xpress has inbuilt eAlbum publishing; while other users can use Album Xpress Publisher to convert their designed album project into eAlbum. eAlbum not just provide album viewing and sharing experience to users but it also provides personalized marketing platform to photographers.
Import Ready Album Pages. Link Videos to Album Objects. Link Web address to Album Objects. Link Album Pages with Page link. Make Multiple Profiles. Possibility to pay by Coupons. Go for White Label.

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Batch Image Editing Ready to Impose Packages Output to hotfolder
VDP Xpress is a Simplest tool to get variable data printing. You can import data from Excel. Column headers are available as Data fields to set as variable data in design.Import Ready Designs designed in any software or make your own designs & Port data fields to have variable data design.

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Xpress Photobook Maker Fastest book designing through automatic layout selection. Variety of attractive and simple layouts catering to different photo orientation combinations. Excellent combination of themes and layouts, attractive Backgrounds, and decors to fill the page and the book.
Calendar with your language & events Calendar making with your events in your language is now super easy & fast. With Ready blocks for next 99 years, make the calendar designing hassle free task. And it’s personalizable with your photos, events & texts.
Software for instant collage making Collage Xpress helps in designing Different types of Collage designs in various sizes speedily and easily.Canvas, Lamination Board, Sun board and Ready Frames, any type of collage designing is now automatic, easy and fast.Import large number of photos smoothly and Get your collage designed.


Design Greeting Cards for Every Occasion using Greeting Card Xpress

Design Greeting Cards for Every Occasion using Greeting Card Xpress

Nov 16, 2021

Greetings cards are decorative cards often sent to convey good wishes to someone. The custom of sending greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese culture who exchanged messages of goodwill to celebrate the New Year, and to the early Egyptians, who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls. By the early 15th century, handmade paper greeting cards were being exchanged in Europe. 

Greeting cards are so flexible that it can be used physically or virtually for any occasion. A greeting card can be a great option to suggest by you, as a photographer as these cards holds the ability to express feelings in a tangible format and when given to someone on their special day it would really make their day.

In fact, not only these greeting cards are used for personal relationship maintenance but nowadays businesses also use greeting cards to connect with their customers. Many businesses use greeting cards to express gratitude to their customers for their continuous support or introduce their loyal fan base to upcoming promotions and products.

There are different types of greeting card styles that you can use to design such as

Folded Greeting Card

Folded greeting cards tend to be more of a traditional format and especially a lot of customers also prefer this kind of design for any occasion. In fact, having to unfold the card also adds an element of surprise that makes the moment feel just the more special.

Flat Greeting Card

Flat greeting cards are more of a kind of like a postcard. Such cards are often used to share a message with a photo or an artwork. These cards look very beautiful and attractive with minimal designs and they are easily holdable also. Some entrepreneurs also hand them out as giveaways when running promotions.

Gatefold Greeting Card

A Gatefold Card opens, as suggested, like a pair of gates parting in the middle. With three panels altogether, this type of card has two folds – each creating a flap that meets in the centre. Gatefold cards give you the option to experiment with different styles and designs making it more surprising and innovative.

You can design Greeting Card for Every Occasion

Birthdays and Anniversaries are the most popular events on which many people would love to give greeting cards giving them best wishes on their special day. Next comes the wedding and valentine day for which many youths would opt for a card to congratulate and greet the new couple and special one respectively. In fact, even many businesses offer greeting cards to their customers and employees conveying messages such as Thank You cards, Appreciation cards, Farewell cards, Congratulations cards, etc.

Now with Greetings Xpress design instant and unique greeting cards with such an ease and in no time. DgFlick’s Greeting Card Xpress software lets you design customized greetings with readymade 100+ templates, background, frame, and clipart. So impress your clients with attractive designs in any size and type with personalized inbuilt messages for every event by using just this software.

Corporate Calendar - Your Pathway To Earn More  In Less Time

Corporate Calendar - Your Pathway To Earn More In Less Time

Oct 30, 2021

A Corporate Calendar is a common official calendar for a whole company/organization. It marks the various items/dates that affect the whole company. For example, the date of General body meeting, dividend declaration date, annual Christmas party and earnings report, etc.

Corporate Calendar designing can be your passive income source when you are off-board from your usual working season. DgFlick’s CalendarXpress is the only software that makes it possible for you to earn more in less time with its three go-to automated features like company logo imposition, customized date blocks, and quick event list import directly from excel.

Now let us explain how you as a legit photographer can find your pathway to earn more by designing a corporate calendar for any company. Many small and big companies every year launch their corporate calendars showcasing their annual important dates throughout the year. Their main requirements usually consist of a calendar with their company logo along with some customized date blocks depicting their important days and holidays.

With the use of DgFlick’s CalendarXpress software, you can easily inculcate your client's requirements very swiftly and in the most unique way. CalendarXpress software can be your perfect partner to earn more in less time as with this software you can design any type of corporate calendar within minutes with pre-integrated calendar years up to 100 themes and designs.

Also, there are some interesting features that can help you ace your creativity work i.e you can make revisions in your designs, and also you can rapidly import all holiday and corporate event lists directly through excel. Even respective date blocks can be decorated with meaningful small clipart to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

Now you as a photographer can also showcase your photography skills by clicking product photos of your clients and then adding them to their corporate calendars on each month’s page. For example, a food manufacturing company or an interior designing company would want their product or interior visuals respectively to be shown on their corporate calendar pages, so you as a photographer can visit the company and click their photos and then add them to the calendar.

In this way you can practice your photography skills and at the same time get the opportunity to earn more with your design and photography work.  

Capture the Best Moments with a Baby Photo Book

Capture the Best Moments with a Baby Photo Book

Oct 21, 2021

The baby is finally there! A wonderful time begins where the baby grows, and the parents and the newborn get to know the world together. Especially in the first phase of life, the baby develops so fast with so many beautiful moments, with a new highlight every day, which the young parents would surely capture with photos.

The very first year is full of discoveries - both for the child as for the parents. So you as a photographer can recommend these young parents to have a baby photo book. Baby Photo Book can be the best option to cherish memories as a personalized photo book dedicated to only the newborn.

With the use of DgFlick’s BookXpress software you can easily and quickly design a stylish baby photo book that documents each and every precious moments that the baby makes. On BookXpress software you can literally design a photo book for any occasion with an excellent combination of themes and layouts, attractive Backgrounds, and decors to fill the page and the book.

Here are some of the ideas where you can give a unique and quirky twist to your Baby Photo Book design

Personalize your baby photo album with Captions and Notes telling the story of your customer's parenthood journey. Remember that the parent's experience is as unique as the child is. Add wishes from the family so that child would be able to know at a later stage once he or she starts reading.

You can use different Themes and Clipart showing the journey of how the baby is growing or else you can use a particular theme throughout such as a theme that the baby particularly loves for eg. a photo collection of the snaps of its favorite toys.

On some pages, Photo Collages can be infused that will give a different look while viewing the baby book. For eg collages of different smiles that the baby makes or different postures that the child does while sleeping.

This is something very unique and soon going to be in the trend that is - you can add a Calendar with time and date showcasing when the pictures were captured and to mark the scene such as when the first porridge was served or when the little munchkin holds the mom’s finger for the first time.

Thus in this way, you as a photographer while editing can use these ideas to design photo books and impress your customers at the same time get the opportunity to earn more in less time by creating baby albums on BookXpress.

Now Make a baby photo album that will be their most precious photo gift years after!



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